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Our Design Process

Your designer will have discussed the design at length with our team of goldsmiths


Headed by Brian, an expert goldsmith with 40 years experience – and between them, they will have decided exactly how your bespoke ring should be made. Then the designer will sketch an accurate drawing of your ring showing the design from different angles. These drawings will be made available for you to view online. Each goldsmith, stone-setter, engraver and polisher will have their own instructions to follow and will do so to within a micro-millimetre of accuracy and detail, adding their own skill to the finish along the way.

It’s All About You!

We appreciate this is an exciting time for our customers, with this in mind we will share with you a beautiful 3D animation of your bespoke design for approval. We also welcome customers to come into our factory so they can experience the creation of their bespoke diamond ring.

Our Consultation Explained

Scheduling a consultation with JewelStar has never been easier.


You’ll be greeted with genuine warmth and excitement, by designers and craftsmen who love what they do. Our City Centre location is perfect for you to extend your visit you could make it a day or weekend visit, enjoying some fine local restaurants, taking in the sights, or treating yourself to a night in one of our recommended hotels. Why not ask us for some insider tips and recommendations of where to stay or eat?

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